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Product Description


Product Description

Small Hydraulic Cylinder Introduction

The DGR JOB series hydraulic cylinder is a thin hydraulic cylinder with delicate appearance, reasonable design, small space occupation, and convenient installation (with multiple installation methods). The structure of the thin oil cylinder is composed of a cylinder body, end caps, pistons,
piston rods, and seals, which has advantages over the installation space requirements of the standard rod type oil cylinder. The material is made of HT300 or 45 # copper or special steel that are commonly used in various light industries such as plastic molds and precision mechanical equipment.

Small hydraulic cylinders are also common actuators in hydraulic systems, used to convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and achieve the movement of various engineering machinery. Small Hydraulic Cylinder is a special type of hydraulic cylinder, designed and applied mainly for light mechanical equipment and small engineering projects, usually composed of piston, cylinder barrel, oil seal, piston rod, connecting parts, etc.

1. Small size: Small hydraulic cylinders usually adopt a compact design, with small size and light weight. This makes them suitable for light mechanical equipment with limited space.
2. Strong load-bearing capacity: Although small in size, small hydraulic cylinders can withstand high pressure and frequent working cycles.
3. Simple structure: The structure of Small hydraulic cylinders is relatively simple, usually composed of cylinder barrels, pistons, seals, and connectors.
4. Flexible operation: The Small hydraulic cylinder has high operational flexibility and can achieve precise motion control through the control of the hydraulic system.

Product Parameters

JOB I Inner Thread E Outer Thread
Φ16 41 8 10 40 26.5 44 33 36 16 20 13 38 56 M5 6 6 25 8 9.5 6 0 Z 19 1/8 M6xP1 15 M8xP1.25 15
Φ20 44 8 12 45 30 50 38 41 18 20 15 42 60 M5 6 7 25 8 9.5 6 0 7 20 1/8 M8xP1.25 15 M10xP1.25 15
Φ25 45 8 14 50 36 55 43 46 21 20 17 50 67 M5 6 7 26 8 9.5 6 5 7 20 1/8 M10xP1.5 15 M12xP1.25 20
Φ32 54 10 20 62 47 70 56 56 25 20 24 60 78 M6 7 9 28 12 11 7 10 10 25 1/4 M12xP1.75 20 M16xP1.5 25
Φ40 55 10 25 70 52 80 62 64 29 20 23 66 84 M8 9 11 28 12 14 9 10 10 25 1/4 M16xP2.0 20 M22xP1.5 30
Φ50 60 11 30 80 58 94 74 74 34 20 27 76 98 M10 11 13 29 14 17 11 10 11 27 1/4 M20xP2.5 25 M26xP1.5 35
Φ63 67 13 35 94 69 114 90 89 42 20 32 92 117 M12 14 16 31 16 20 13 10 13 30 3/8 M24xP3.0 30 M30xP1.5 40
Φ80 78 17 40 114 86 134 110 109 52 20 41 112 140 M14 16 16 34 16 23 15 15 15 32 3/8 M27xP3.0 35 M36xP1.5 45
Φ100 82 17 50 134 102 160 134 129 62 20 44 132 164 M16 18 18 34 16 26 17 15 15 34 3/8 M36xP4.0   40 M40xP2.0 50
Φ125 95 20 60 164 124 195 163 158 76 30 44 162 202 M20 22 22 44 20 32 21 20 17 39 1/2 M45xP4.5 45 M50xP2.0 55



With the development of technology, small oil cylinders have been widely used in industries, agriculture, automobiles, machinery, and construction, and have become an indispensable part of the production lines of major enterprises.


Company Profile

HangZhou Packway Technology Development Co., LTD, founded in March 2005, has been at the forefront of innovation, constantly striving to develop cutting-edge technologies and solutions. With our headquarters located in HangZhou,we currently operate 3 subsidiary companies, each connected with different sectors of the machinery market.
Works Hydraulic, deeply rooted in the hydraulic, electronic control, and mechanical related industries, focuses on the research and development, production, and sales of electromechanical and hydraulic products. With a professional approach to providing personalized solutions for customers as the main model. Works Hydraulic specializes in the production of various hydraulic equipment, lubrication equipment, electronic control systems, hydraulic cylinders, and other products through 3 systems: hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical manufacturing. It serves more than 10 industries,etc.


Q1. What are your terms of packing?
A: Generally, we pack our goods in neutral white boxes and brown wooden cartons. If you have a legally registered patent, we can pack the goods in your branded boxes after getting your authorization letters.
Q2. What are your terms of payment?
A: T/T 50% as deposit, and 50% before shipping. We'll show you the photos of the products and packages before
you pay the balance.
Q3. What are your terms of delivery?
Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take 10-25 days to produce the products, and 5 days by air, 25 days of the ship by sea. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order.
Q5: How is the warranty system?
A: 1~5 years. (upon the deal)
Q6. Can you produce according to the samples?
A: Yes, we can produce by your samples or technical drawings. We can build the molds and fixtures.
Q7. What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.
Q8. Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have a 100% test before delivery


Pressure: Medium Pressure
Work Temperature: -40- 120°c
Acting Way: Single Acting
Working Method: Straight Trip
Adjusted Form: Regulated Type
Structure: Piston Type


hydraulic cylinder

Can hydraulic cylinders be used for precise operations like CNC machining or molding?

Yes, hydraulic cylinders can be used for precise operations like CNC machining or molding. While hydraulic systems are commonly associated with heavy-duty applications, they can also provide the necessary precision and control required for precise operations in CNC machining and molding processes. Here's a detailed explanation of how hydraulic cylinders can be utilized for such precise operations:

1. Force and Control:

- Hydraulic cylinders are capable of generating substantial force, which is essential for precise operations in CNC machining and molding. By using hydraulic pressure, the cylinders can deliver the required force to cut or shape materials accurately or exert pressure for molding operations. The hydraulic system allows precise control over the force applied, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

2. Adjustable Speed and Positioning:

- Hydraulic cylinders offer adjustable speed and precise positioning capabilities, making them suitable for precise operations. By controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid, the speed of the cylinder's movement can be adjusted according to specific requirements. This adaptability allows for fine-tuning the machining or molding process, achieving the desired precision in material removal or shaping. Hydraulic systems also enable accurate positioning of tools or molds, ensuring precise operations.

3. Integrated Feedback Systems:

- Advanced hydraulic systems can incorporate feedback sensors and control mechanisms to enhance precision in CNC machining and molding. These sensors provide real-time information about the position, speed, and force exerted by the hydraulic cylinders. The control system processes this data and adjusts the flow of hydraulic fluid accordingly, allowing for precise and accurate control over the operations. The feedback systems help maintain consistent performance and compensate for any deviations, ensuring high precision.

4. Damping and Vibration Control:

- Hydraulic cylinders can be equipped with damping mechanisms to minimize vibrations and ensure stability during CNC machining or molding operations. Vibrations can negatively impact precision by causing tool chatter or material deformation. By incorporating cushioning or damping features, hydraulic cylinders help absorb shocks and suppress vibrations, resulting in smoother and more accurate operations.

5. Customization and Adaptability:

- Hydraulic cylinders can be customized and adapted to meet the specific requirements of CNC machining or molding processes. Engineers can design cylinders with unique dimensions, stroke lengths, mounting options, and sealing arrangements to fit into equipment or systems with precise specifications. Customized hydraulic cylinders ensure optimal performance and compatibility for precise operations, enabling seamless integration into CNC machines or molding equipment.

6. Energy Efficiency:

- Hydraulic systems can be designed to be energy-efficient, contributing to cost savings in CNC machining or molding operations. By utilizing variable speed pumps, efficient control valves, and well-designed hydraulic circuits, energy consumption can be optimized. This efficiency reduces heat generation, leading to improved stability and precision in operations while minimizing energy costs.

7. Maintenance and Calibration:

- Regular maintenance and calibration of hydraulic systems are essential to maintain their precision in CNC machining or molding applications. Proper lubrication, inspection of seals, and replacement of worn-out components help ensure optimal performance. Regular calibration of control systems and feedback sensors ensures accurate readings and reliable operation, contributing to precision in machining or molding processes.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders can be effectively used for precise operations like CNC machining or molding. Their ability to generate substantial force, adjustable speed and positioning, integration with feedback systems, damping and vibration control, customization and adaptability, energy efficiency, and proper maintenance contribute to achieving the required precision in these operations. By leveraging the strengths of hydraulic systems, manufacturers can enhance the accuracy and reliability of CNC machining or molding processes, resulting in high-quality products and improved productivity.

hydraulic cylinder

Customization of Hydraulic Cylinders for Marine and Offshore Applications

Yes, hydraulic cylinders can be customized for use in marine and offshore applications. These environments present unique challenges, such as exposure to corrosive saltwater, high humidity, and extreme operating conditions. Customization allows hydraulic cylinders to meet the specific requirements and withstand the harsh conditions encountered in marine and offshore settings. Let's delve into the details of how hydraulic cylinders can be customized for marine and offshore applications:

  1. Corrosion Resistance: Marine and offshore environments expose hydraulic cylinders to corrosive elements, such as saltwater. To mitigate corrosion, hydraulic cylinders can be customized with materials and surface treatments that provide enhanced corrosion resistance. For example, cylinders can be constructed from stainless steel or coated with protective layers like chrome plating or specialized coatings to withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater.
  2. Sealing and Environmental Protection: Hydraulic cylinders for marine and offshore applications require robust sealing systems to prevent water ingress and protect internal components. Customized sealing solutions, such as high-quality seals, wipers, and gaskets, can be employed to ensure effective sealing and resistance to water, debris, and contaminants. Additionally, hydraulic cylinders can be designed with protective features like bellows or boots to shield vulnerable areas from environmental elements.
  3. High-Pressure and Shock Resistance: Marine and offshore operations may involve high-pressure hydraulic systems and encounters with dynamic loads or shocks. Customized hydraulic cylinders can be engineered to withstand these demanding conditions. They can be designed with reinforced construction, thicker walls, and specialized components to handle high-pressure applications and absorb shock loads, ensuring reliable performance and durability.
  4. Temperature and Fluid Compatibility: Marine and offshore applications can expose hydraulic cylinders to extreme temperature variations and specific fluid requirements. Customization allows the selection of materials, seals, and fluids compatible with the anticipated temperature range and the specific fluid being used. Hydraulic cylinders can be tailored to maintain optimal performance and reliability under challenging temperature conditions and with the designated fluid type.
  5. Mounting and Integration: Customized hydraulic cylinders can be designed to facilitate easy integration and mounting within marine and offshore machinery. Mounting options can be tailored to suit the available space and structural requirements of the equipment. Additionally, customized hydraulic cylinder designs can incorporate features for easy maintenance, accessibility, and connection to the hydraulic system, ensuring convenient installation and serviceability in marine and offshore applications.

In summary, hydraulic cylinders can be customized to meet the unique demands of marine and offshore applications. Customization enables the integration of corrosion-resistant materials, robust sealing systems, high-pressure and shock-resistant designs, temperature and fluid compatibility, as well as optimized mounting and integration features. By tailoring hydraulic cylinders to the specific requirements of marine and offshore environments, reliable performance, extended service life, and efficient operation can be achieved in these challenging operating conditions.

hydraulic cylinder

Can you provide real-world examples of machinery that heavily rely on hydraulic cylinders?

Hydraulic cylinders are widely used in various industries and applications due to their ability to provide powerful and precise linear motion. They play a crucial role in enabling the operation of heavy machinery that requires controlled force and movement. Here are some real-world examples of machinery that heavily rely on hydraulic cylinders:

1. Construction Equipment:

- Hydraulic cylinders are extensively used in construction machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, and cranes. These machines rely on hydraulic cylinders to perform tasks like lifting heavy loads, extending and retracting booms, tilting buckets, and controlling the movement of various components. Hydraulic cylinders provide the power and precision required to handle the demanding conditions and heavy loads encountered in construction projects.

2. Agricultural Machinery:

- Many agricultural machines, including tractors, combine harvesters, and sprayers, utilize hydraulic cylinders for critical operations. Hydraulic cylinders are used to control the movement of attachments, such as front loaders, backhoes, and plows. They enable functions like lifting and lowering implements, adjusting cutting heights, and controlling the positioning of harvesting equipment. Hydraulic cylinders enhance efficiency and productivity in agricultural operations.

3. Material Handling Equipment:

- Hydraulic cylinders are integral components of material handling equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and cranes. These machines rely on hydraulic cylinders to lift and lower loads, tilt platforms or forks, and control the movement of lifting mechanisms. Hydraulic cylinders provide the necessary strength and precision to handle heavy loads and ensure safe and efficient material handling operations.

4. Industrial Machinery:

- Various industrial machinery and equipment heavily rely on hydraulic cylinders for critical functions. Examples include hydraulic presses, injection molding machines, metal-forming machines, and hydraulic-powered robots. Hydraulic cylinders enable precise control of force and movement in these applications, allowing for accurate shaping, pressing, and assembly processes.

5. Mining Equipment:

- Hydraulic cylinders are extensively used in mining machinery and equipment. Underground mining machines, such as continuous miners and longwall shearers, utilize hydraulic cylinders for cutting, shearing, and roof support operations. Surface mining equipment, including hydraulic shovels, draglines, and haul trucks, rely on hydraulic cylinders for tasks like bucket movement, boom extension, and vehicle suspension.

6. Automotive Industry:

- The automotive industry extensively utilizes hydraulic cylinders in various applications. Hydraulic cylinders are employed in vehicle suspension systems, power steering systems, convertible tops, and hydraulic brake systems. They enable smooth and controlled movement, precise steering, and efficient braking in automobiles.

7. Aerospace and Aviation:

- Hydraulic cylinders are utilized in aerospace and aviation applications, such as aircraft landing gear systems, wing flaps, and cargo handling equipment. Hydraulic cylinders provide the necessary force and control for extending and retracting landing gear, adjusting wing flaps, and operating cargo doors, ensuring safe and reliable aircraft operations.

8. Marine and Offshore Industry:

- Hydraulic cylinders are essential components in marine and offshore equipment, including ship cranes, winches, and hydraulic-powered anchor systems. They enable lifting, lowering, and positioning of heavy loads, as well as the control of various marine equipment.

These are just a few examples of machinery and industries that heavily rely on hydraulic cylinders. The versatility, power, and precise control offered by hydraulic cylinders make them indispensable in a wide range of applications, where controlled linear motion and force are essential.

China Standard Light Mechanical Equipment Small Size Hydraulic Cylinder with High Precision   wholesaler China Standard Light Mechanical Equipment Small Size Hydraulic Cylinder with High Precision   wholesaler
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